How to go to Lakawon from Bacolod

Bacolod – Lakawon

Step 1- Upon arrival at Bacolod BREDCO port, pay for a vehicle terminal fee (again) at the gate amounting to P188


Step 2 – Get your GPS / Google Maps ready and prepare for the 1-hour drive to Cadiz Port.


Step 1 – Upon arrival at Cadiz Port, take the boat going to Lakawon Resort.  The trip going to the island is about 20-30minutes.

Rates are as follows:

Regular fare – P150/pax roundtrip

*the boat will depart as soon as the seats for 20 persons are occupied. otherwise, you have to will have to wait for other passengers to join you.

Boat Fee for Groups (roundtrip):
1-4 persons ————- 1000
5-7 persons ————- 1200
8-10 persons ———– 1500


Step 2 – Upon arrival at Lakawon Resort, you will be led to the guest service center wherein you have to pay the entrance fee + terminal fee.

Entrance fee – P100

Terminal Fee – P20

Step 3 – You have several options for your daytrip.

Option  A –  stay in the island, have a picnic, bask in the sun, play in the sand, and go swimming.. rent a cottage!

Rates are as follows:
Tent ————————– 300/head
Umbrella Huts (max. of 6 pax) ———– 600

Family Cottage (max of 10 pax) ———- 1200
+P100/exceeding guest



Option B – dive into the deep waters, have a few drinks at the bar, relax with friends in an oversized mattress by the ocean, bob your head to the DJ’s beats… chill at Tawhai floating bar!

Boat ride to Tawhai floating bar – P250 (includes 1 free drink)

*Day trip is until 5:00pm only since the resort will charge extra for boat rides later than 5.


Breakdown of Expenses for 7 thrifty trippers:

BREDCO terminal fee – P188

Boat to Lakawon – P1200

Lakawon Terminal Fee – P20 x 7 = P140

Lakawon Entrance Fee – P100 x 7 = P700

Option B – P250 x7 = P1750

Total = P3,978 (total divided by 7 pax = P568/pax)

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